Two short news.

First, “Finite size analysis of the detectability limit of the stochastic block model” is now published in Phys. Rev. E; I’ll upload an updated version to the arXiv soon (after NetSci 2017). It is a long paper, so it was a long process. I’m glad to see it through! Our coolest results are, I believe, 1. the symmetry group of the SBM and 2. our approximation solution of the hypersurface equations. The first tells us what transformations of the parameters maintain the difficulty of the detectability/recovery problem, while the second determines the surface of constant detectability in the parameter space.

Second news: I’ll be giving an additional talk at NetSci, during the satellite sessions tomorrow (I’ve already announced this earlier on Twitter). I’ll present the Simplicial Configuration Model and some recent related work done with Alice Patania, Giovanni Petri.