Summer 2015 will be action-packed.

L. Hébert-Dufresne and I will be at A. Allard’s new base camp in Barcelona, during the week of May 24th. Our joint work has always been fruitful and fun, and this visit should lead to exciting new projects.

The following week, I will be attending the 2015 edition of NetSci, in Zaragoza, Spain, alongside with many current and past colleagues. This year, we are presenting two poster contributions.

The first contribution summarizes the results of a collaboration with E. Laurence, Sergey Melnik that started back in November 2014 when he visited our research group in Québec. In a nutshell, we adapted a set of iterative equations that exactly solves bond percolation on arbitrary networks to the more general cascade dynamics of James Gleeson and colleagues. Bond percolation, node percolation, and the Watts threshold model are all special cases of this approach (!).

The second contribution introduces a large class realistic of benchmark graphs for community detection. These graphs are based on the Structural Preferential Attachment principle and can take on varied structural properties depending on the choice of parameters. Stay tuned, because the source code and associated publication will be available soon.

Right as NetSci ends, I will go back to North America to attend the 2015 edition of the Complex Systems Summer School, held at the Santa Fe Institute, New Mexico, US.

Exciting times ahead!